Size Matters: Choosing the Perfect Display Piece for Your Space!

Trying to find the perfect display piece but don't know where to start? Are you worried the piece might be too large for the perfect spot you've picked out for display, or maybe it won't be big enough? Come explore sizing options of our display pieces, from our largest to our more compact-sized offerings and everything in between!

9" Hexagon
9" tall, 10" wide (tip-to-tip), and up to 3" deep, our 9" hexagon is the largest of our offerings. Known as the 'eye catcher', this size of piece allows for lots of florals and additions, demands attention, and is best suited as a centerpiece where it can be displayed in all of its glory. It's great for bouquets with many different florals, creating a stunning focal point in any room.


8" Square
8" tall, 8" wide, and up to 3" deep, our 8" square also allows for an abundance of florals and additions, making it a perfect canvas for creativity. This eye-catching piece is great to be put on display as a main mantel piece. Its standard shape makes it easy to incorporate into most aesthetics.

8" Arch
8" tall, 7" wide, and up to 3" deep, our 8" arch a unique addition to elevate your decor. Its distinct shape provides enough space to house multiple florals, creating a stunning visual display. This eye-catching piece is another excellent size to be put on display as a main centerpiece and adds a touch of of architectural interest to any space.


7" Hexagon
7" tall, 8wide (tip-to-tip), and up to 3deep, the mid-sized 7" hexagon allows for multiple florals and additions, creating a dynamic and visually appealing arrangement. In addition to being a stunning centerpiece, this medium-sized display piece offers versatility in its use. It can be used as a table centerpiece or incorporated into a larger mantel display for an added touch of dimension and texture.


5" Book Ends
5tall, 4wide, and up to 3deep, our 5" bookends are a beautiful addition to any bookshelf, adding a touch of elegance and functionality to your space. These bookends serve as both a functional item, keeping your books neatly organized, and a display piece, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your book collection. They can also be used as standalone decor pieces on shelves, desks, or mantels, adding a personal element to any room.


5" Hexagon
5tall, 5.75wide (tip-to-tip), and up to 3deep, our 5" hexagon display piece is the second smallest option in our collection. This personalized piece serves as a cherished keepsake, preserving a piece of the memories of your special day. It can be displayed on a bedside table, or used as part of a tabletop vignette. Optimal locations for showcasing this piece include bedrooms, offices, or anywhere you want to add a touch of sentimental beauty to your decor.

4" Square
4tall, 4wide, and up to 3deep, our 4" square display piece is the smallest option in our collection. This personalized piece is perfect for preserving a small amount of florals, such as boutonnieres or a few select blooms, creating a lasting memento of your special day. It's the perfect size to display on a vanity or bedside table, used as a paperweight on a desk, or to simply display a small piece of your special day. Its compact size makes it ideal for showcasing in smaller spaces or as part of a collection of sentimental items.

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