Making Your Floral Bouquet Last!

Spring is in the air, and with spring, comes flowers!

But there's nothing worse than receiving a beautiful bouquet only for it to be wilting after a day or two. Whether your receiving them fresh from the florist, or cutting from your own garden, here are some tips for caring for your charming bundle of flowers and making your arrangements last:

1. Make clean, fresh cuts on a slight angle - make sure to use a sharp, clean knife or scissors and cut the stems on a slight angle, right before you're ready to put the arrangement into water. This will increase the surface area for water uptake, and a fresh cut will ensure water can penetrate the flowers stem.

2. Use a clean vase - make sure your vase has been cleaned with soapy water and rinsed.

3. Cut back any extra leaves at the base of the stem - eliminate any foliage that would rest under or at the water line. This will decrease bacteria in the water and help the water stay clean.

4. Change your water - every 2 to 3 days, remove the water and rinse the vase. If you have any dying foliage, remove them from the bouquet. Make fresh cuts on the stems. Fill the vase with fresh water, and add your arrangement back in.

5. Add flower food - Commercial flower food works great as it contains the perfect combination of sugars, pH acidifier and anti-microbial agents. You can easily make your own flower food, by combining the following:

  • 1 quart water (4 cups)
  • 1 teaspoon of Apple Cider Vinegar
  • 1 teaspoon of sugar

6. Keep flowers in a cool location - keeping your arrangement away from heat and direct sunlight will keep your flowers looking beautiful for even longer!

And that's it! By following the above tips, you should get more life out of your floral arrangements and be able to enjoy them even longer!

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