How to Care for your Floral Preservation Pieces

Floral preservation pieces are not just beautiful decorations; they hold sentimental value and memories that are worth preserving. Whether it's a wedding bouquet, a special gift, or a cherished memory, taking care of your floral preservation pieces ensures that they will last for years to come.

We've put together three easy tips for caring for your pieces:

1. Keep out of direct sunlight

Although we must admit, floral preservation pieces look absolutely STUNNING when beams of light shine right through them, direct sunlight can cause the colors of your floral preservation pieces to fade over time. To prevent this, display them in a location away from windows or use UV-protective glass if you want to showcase them near natural light sources. This will help to preserve the original colors and prevent any discoloration.


2. Clean your pieces

Because cured resin has a smooth, shiny surface, it can show fingerprints and dust easily and requires occasional cleaning to keep it looking as good as possible. To remove both dust and finger prints, clean with a solution of water and mild soap, then gently wipe dry a damp, soft cloth. You want to make sure you're not using any abrasive materials as this can create scratches on the surface of your pieces.


3. Stay away from chemicals

Avoid using chemicals and cleaners on your pieces. This can cause scratches and cloudiness and can damage the surface of the resin.

Although a mild glass cleaner will likely be OK, we recommend using a solution of water and mild soap (see suggestion #2!).


Remember, your floral preservation pieces are not just decorations; they are cherished memories frozen in time. By following these three easy tips, your precious keepsakes will continue to bring joy and beauty to your life for years to come.


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